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Alva Commerce team celebrated its 3rd-anniversary

Whee! Our friendly Alva Commerce team celebrated its 3rd-anniversary last week! 🙂

3 years since we’ve started. Not too much but enough to share something we’re proud of.

During this time we’ve managed to:
– make a Team of smart, creative and dedicated professionals;
– work on complex and inspiring projects;
– become a Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe;
– move to a super office in the city center;
– get recognition as one of the best development companies in Ukraine according to Clutch;
– build ambitious plans and move in these directions.

On this occasion, everyone was eager to have a party! And we made it 🙂

That day we’ve got a bunch of bruises while playing paintball, we’ve learned how to assemble a keyboard without mistakes, we’ve sung the “She” song in the opera-metal style, we’ve also cut our cake into 14 math-pieces and, by the way, we’ve held a volleyball tournament with a soccer ball. And also we’ve: danced, played various musical instruments, cooked meat on a barbecue, received gifts, even learned how to understand each other with a single letter. We just had a great time!

Our birthday party was not just about gathering outside the office and taking a break from work. This was an important event for the Team. We wanted each of our colleague to share a sense of togetherness along with being influencial and unique for the company.

Vadim, Petya, 4 Sashas, Alla, Serge, 2 Mishas, Pasha, Olya, 2 Andrews, Max, Yulya – we appreciate you and are grateful for the huge personal contribution of everyone to the common cause!
Incredibly cool people, real friends, talents – this is the main baggage we carry out of our three years.
‘Cause, yes, the main thing for Alva Commerce is people. And we want to go further with you. We want to do important things together!
So this is just the beginning.
We are ready to make a difference.
We keep moving.
Follow us 😉


Alva Commerce has been recognized as a Bronze Adobe Solution Partner


What a great start of the year!

We’re happy to tell you that this very month the Alva Commerce has been recognized as a Bronze Adobe Solution Partner.

In short, what does that mean

This is a recognition of our company’s success within the Adobe Solution Partner Program, which provides thousands of businesses with possibilities to develop products using Adobe’s services, such as Magento platform, which we are focused on. The partner program is here to allow companies to expand their knowledge of the platform and services, to support its growth and to assure providing the best experience to their clients.

This milestone is extremely important for our team, as this is a recognition of our dedicated work towards providing you a good and reliable service. Magento platform became the place for us to grow and gain experience. And from now on, Adobe Partner Program will help us to tremendously expand our technical knowledge of the platform using different learning opportunities which should boost up our efficiency and quality of provided services. Be sure that being a Bronze Partner is not the end of the story, but rather a step further for us on the way to expand and strengthen our skills, to make sure that our clients are receiving the best.

More information concerning the Partner Program is available on Adobe.

Alva Commerce Wins Clutch Leader Award for Ukraine Developers

Since 2018, we have been helping companies take advantage of the opportunity they have to direct traffic through their own online stores, avoiding many of the fees and traffic losses that they would absorb otherwise. And according to Clutch, a major B2B ratings and reviews platform, we’ve been doing it pretty well. We’re thrilled to announce that their team of dedicated analysts recently rated us among the best development companies in Ukraine!

It’s thanks to our gracious customers that we’ve been able to achieve the perfect 5-star rating and recognition that we have. There are few more satisfying feelings than hearing about how we helped support a client’s business, and especially when they pick out the strengths we’ve worked hard to cultivate.

We are very pleased that Clutch has chosen us as one of the leading Ukrainian web development companies for B2B clients.

– Vadym Yuhas, CEO, Alva Commerce

As one recent reviewer explained:

They’re very honest and transparent. They’re proud of their work and they treat our project like it’s their own. Also, they’re willing to put in extra hours to make sure everything is functioning perfectly and better than we had anticipated.

– CEO, Crystalize It Inc

If you’ve been looking for the right partner to help get your ecommerce operation up and running, we encourage you to email us! Whether our team develops the store or just helps you clarify the options you have available, we can’t wait to get started!

Cooperation beetween Alva Commerce and Mathematical faculty of National University

Today we signed a cooperation agreement between Alva Commerce and Mathematical faculty of Uzhhorod National University.

The parties assume that interests of each of them correspond to the creation and operation of the Faculty of Mathematics of Uzhhorod National University:

  • Implementation of projects in the field of employment of young specialists.
  • Informing students and graduate students of the Faculty of Mathematics about the local labor market’s main trends.