Top 7 E-commerce Design Trends for 2024: Enhancing Your Online Business (updated on 06/21/2024)

Peter Markovich

Peter Markovich

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Ecommerce Design Trends

If there’s any pandemic that is surely going to spread throughout the world shortly, it’s the pandemic of online shopping. In fact, Nasdaq estimates that by 2040 almost 95% of all purchases will happen online.

This leads to the next challenge — having just any ordinary website won’t cut it. To stand out among myriads of competitors and carve your path to triumph, you must embrace the latest e-commerce website design trends. And that’s what we’ll do in this blog post. So, fasten your belt, and let’s unlock the potential of the time-proven webshop design practices.

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Why are e-commerce design trends important for online business?

An average user thinks of design as just about appearances. However, for online business owners, it’s the secret ingredient that transforms your e-commerce store from ordinary to extraordinary.

A well-designed online store goes beyond visual appeal — it creates a seamless and intuitive customer experience that leads to effortless purchasing. Let’s see how the perfect fusion of e-commerce graphic design and functionality can unlock the door to unrivaled online success.

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Increased conversions

When visitors land on your website, the design elements, layout, and user interface play a crucial role in guiding them through the buying process. A visually appealing and intuitive e-commerce product design can create a positive impression, build trust, and ultimately lead to more conversions and sales.

According to Forrester Research, having a clear and easy-to-use UX design returns a 200% conversion rate and in some instances can reach even up to 400%.

Competitive advantage

In the crowded online marketplace of 2024, setting yourself apart from competitors is the only way to survive. As website users’ preferences change, so do online businesses adapt to the current e-commerce design trends.

It mostly involves having a unique and captivating website design that creates a memorable brand identity and distinguishes your business from others in the industry.

Branding and trust

A well-designed and professional-looking website instills confidence and trust in potential buyers. In fact, almost 48% of your website visitors will consider your e-commerce UI design as the main criteria for trusting your brand. This means more purchases and more loyal advocates for your brand.

Yes, the benefits of improving your webshop design are great. But they are nothing without knowing how to achieve them. So without further ado, check out our selection of best web design practices that skyrocket our clients’ online businesses.

Top 7 e-commerce web design trends in 2024

From sleek minimalistic elements to the immersive wonders of augmented reality, each design trend in 2023 is set to revolutionize the way we shop and sell online. So buckle up and join us as we unveil the future of e-commerce graphic design that will keep you ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

#1. Minimalistic design

The saying “less is more” should be understood as “less clutter = more sales”. In 2023, simplicity is key. And here’s an eye-opening fact: minimalist design perfectly combines helping users navigate your site easily and also speeds up page loading times. Is there a better duo?

But there’s even more. Since minimalist design requires less development, it is also a cost-effective web design solution. If you’re a small business owner who wants to save on costs while delivering a stellar user experience, make sure to use this e-commerce design trend.

Screenshot of the main page of Away Travel website

Source: Away Travel

So, how can you master the art of minimalist website design? Here are three actionable tips to get you started:

#2. Dark mode

The allure of dark mode is especially evident on OLED screens that become a primary choice of displays for modern smartphones. Now, why is this crucial? Well, studies show that 60.67% of all online orders in 2024 came from mobile users. By embracing the dark mode e-commerce design trend, you captivate the mobile-savvy consumer base, thus leaving your competitors in the shadows.

Let’s explore three ways in which dark mode can elevate your online store:

#3. Microinteractions

Consumer behavior in online shops isn’t that different from the one in physical stores. In other words, you have to keep your website visitors entertained and prevent them from leaving to spend money elsewhere.

Screenshot of the main page of AnnaJona website

Source: AnnaJona

One way to achieve this is by using micro animations, which are small, eye-catching movements on your website. They are subtle animations or feedback that occur in response to user actions. They add a layer of delight and enhance user engagement. For instance, a button changing color when hovered over or an animated “Add to Cart” confirmation.

#4. Storytelling through visuals

Storytelling is a powerful way to engage customers by describing the product’s features and benefits in a relatable manner. Using this new design trend for e-commerce allows you to show how customers can use your product in real-life situations.

Visual graphics can be employed to tell a captivating brand story and breathe life into your product. This approach establishes an emotional connection between consumers and your brand, enhancing credibility and building trust.

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#5. AI chatbots

2023 undoubtedly become the year of AI, so brands are harnessing the power of advanced chatbots to enhance their buyers’ journey. While chatbots may not directly impact your webshop design, they remain an impressive trend in e-commerce web design.

Latest trends in e-commerce design

Source: Open Peloton

Let’s explore the top three advantages of using advanced chatbots:

#6. Unconventional filters

The importance of filtering as a key in e-commerce web design trends is that it enables customers to swiftly and effortlessly find the products they’re seeking. However, a basic drop-down menu won’t impress a 2023 user.

Webshop design of the Zara website

Source: Zara

To truly captivate customers and keep them engaged, it’s essential to go the extra mile in designing your filter function. Here are three exciting ways to create a delightful filter function:

#7. Augmented Reality (AR)

The technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can be very helpful for businesses, especially in fashion, home goods, and retail. They let your customers interact with products in a way, which makes them feel more confident about buying. Plus, VR and AR make shopping way more fun and in turn boosts return rates.

How Zakeke use the VR technology on their website

Source: Zakeke

Here are the ways how you can leverage the trend of Augmented Reality in your website.


In 2023, the main focus of e-commerce web design trends is to get customers engaged. This means using interactive designs and fun filters to make the online buying process more interesting. By following these trends, your online store can stand out, make customers come back for more, and even get people talking about your website to their friends and family.

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