Best Laravel eCommerce Packages for Your Online Store in 2024

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Alex Burmey

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Top Laravel packages for boosting your online store

Laravel is a powerful PHP framework with a rich ecosystem of packages. They are a sort of toolkit for crafting and running your online store or app. In this article, we’ll explore how your online store can benefit from these packages in 2024.

What is a Laravel eCommerce package?

Packages might sound a bit technical but think of them as your online store’s secret weapon. These packages are like pre-assembled toolkits for building and running your eCommerce website or app.

Laravel, like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, features a large package list. For example, their number in Packalyst has already exceeded 15k.

Unlock the benefits of Laravel packages

So, why should you consider using eCommerce packages for Laravel in your online store? Here are four reasons:

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Top 3 best Laravel packages for building a store

Laravel eCommerce packages can save developers a significant amount of time and effort. They come with pre-built solutions for common eCommerce functions. So, developers can adapt it, instead of building from scratch.

Now, let’s delve into the packages we’re about to discuss in this section. They all share some essential features and functionalities, including:

These Laravel PHP packages lay a strong foundation for creating robust eCommerce websites. They allow developers to concentrate on developing projects to fit your business needs.

1. Bagisto

Performance: ★★★★☆
Simplicity: ★★★★☆
Mobile friendly: ★★★★☆

Bagisto is an open-source eCommerce framework designed for Laravel. It helps developers create online stores and marketplaces that are both functional and easy to customize. What’s special about Bagisto is that it’s modular and flexible. So, it’s a great choice for online store development.

This package has been downloaded almost 83,000 times from Packalyst. It is currently used by approximately 25,000 companies.

Why choose Bagisto?

When should you consider this package?

Bagisto is a great choice if your business has specific needs. For instance, if you need to manage multiple stores, deal with different currencies, or reach a global audience with different languages. Bagisto can handle it all.

Additionally, if you want to launch your online store quickly, Bagisto is the way to go. It’s designed for easy setup. As your business grows, you can adapt and expand your online store without starting from scratch.

2. Aimeos

Performance: ★★★★★
Simplicity: ★★★☆☆
Mobile friendly: ★★★★☆

Aimeos for Laravel is an open-source eCommerce package for Laravel. It offers a versatile and adaptable platform for building feature-rich eCommerce websites. Aimeos stands out with its focus on performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Why choose Aimeos?

Performance First
Aimeos takes performance seriously. It uses efficient database structures and caching to make your eCommerce site fast and responsive. It can handle catalogs with up to one billion items in just 20 milliseconds.

When should you consider this package?

Consider Aimeos if your business values performance and responsiveness in eCommerce. It’s also perfect for companies with subscription-based services.

It’s the right choice for businesses aiming to create responsive and adaptable online stores, especially those with complex needs and a focus on user experience.

3. Vanilo

Performance: ★★★☆☆
Simplicity: ★★★★☆
Mobile friendly: ★★★☆☆

Vanilo for Laravel is an open-source eCommerce package. It is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. This makes it an appealing choice for businesses seeking a straightforward and adaptable eCommerce solution.

Why choose Aimeos?

This package provides an uncomplicated and intuitive interface for both developers and merchants. This focus on usability sets it apart as an accessible eCommerce solution.

While Vanilo offers customization options, businesses with complex requirements may need additional development.

When should you consider this package?

Vanilo is an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides an uncomplicated eCommerce platform, ideal for establishing an online presence.

If you have plans to expand into international markets, you can also take advantage of Vanilo’s support for multiple languages and currencies.

4. Laravel Shopper

Performance: ★★★★☆
Simplicity: ★★★★☆
Mobile friendly: ★★★★☆

Laravel Shopper is an open-source eCommerce package for Laravel. It equips you with an all-inclusive toolkit for creating and managing online stores. This package offers a potent and adaptable solution for constructing websites and apps.

Why choose Laravel Shopper?

The standout feature of Laravel Shopper is its effortless integration with Laravel applications. It blends with your existing setup, making it the preferred choice for developers seeking to infuse eCommerce functionality into their projects.

When should you consider this package?

Much like Vanilo, Laravel Shopper shines when it comes to serving small and medium-sized businesses. It’s a modular platform that’s ideal for establishing or expanding your online presence.

Moreover, if you don’t consider yourself a tech wizard, don’t worry. Laravel Shopper is designed to be simple yet highly capable. It provides you with an accessible means to manage your online store.

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Best eCommerce packages for improving your Laravel web store

In this section, we explore Laravel packages you can integrate to enhance your online store’s operations. These standalone packages usually focus on specific areas of your online business.

1. Spatie

Spatie is a popular Laravel library of packages. It provides a set of open-source packages that extend Laravel’s functionality in various ways.

These packages span a wide spectrum of functionalities, including, but not limited to:

2. Socialite

Laravel Socialite is an official Laravel package. It simplifies the process of integrating social authentication into Laravel applications. Social login allows users to sign in to your store with their existing social media accounts. Users can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, etc. This login method is more convenient for users than creating separate login credentials for your website.

The beauty of Laravel Socialite lies in its ability to abstract much of the complexity associated with the OAuth authentication process. This means that implementing social authentication in your Laravel app is remarkably straightforward, ensuring a seamless user experience.

3. Laravel Backup

Laravel Backup is a package that simplifies the process of creating and managing backups for your web apps. Regular backups are critical. They serve as a safety net in case of any mishaps or system errors that could endanger your online shop’s data.

With this package, you gain the power to preserve your data through:

4. Laravel Cashier

Laravel Cashier is a package for handling subscription billing and recurring payments. It simplifies the integration of payment gateways, such as Stripe and Braintree, into your online store.

Key features and functionalities of Laravel Cashier include:

Laravel Cashier is an excellent option for handling payments in your store. It’s especially beneficial if you need to implement subscriptions or reporting procedures.

5. Fortify

Laravel Fortify is a package for handling common authentication and registration functionality. Its purpose is to simplify the setup of user authentication, registration, password reset, and related features.

With this package, developers can swiftly configure fundamental login and signup scenarios. Laravel Fortify is the ideal choice for rapidly establishing authentication in new Laravel projects.

6. Laravel SEO

Laravel SEO by Ralph J. Smit is a dedicated package designed to boost your website’s visibility in search engines. This package simplifies the process of enhancing your website’s SEO performance. So, your online store ranks higher in search engine results.

With Laravel SEO, you can:

To sum it up

Whether you opt for Bagisto’s versatility, Aimeos’ focus on performance, Vanilo’s simplicity, or Laravel Shopper’s seamless integration, these packages serve as the backbone for robust eCommerce websites. They enable developers to concentrate on creating tailored solutions to meet your business needs.

Furthermore, packages like Spatie offer additional enhancements, extending Laravel’s capabilities and saving developers time and effort when adding common features to your web apps.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, making the right choices can define your eCommerce success. These Laravel eCommerce packages offer the tools you need to excel. They ensure that your online store not only survives but thrives in 2024 and beyond

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