Top 8 Magento 2 Benefits for Your Web Store

December 22, 2022

Alex Burmey

Alex Burmey

Senior Back-End Developer, Magento 2 and Laravel expertise

Top 8 Magento Benefits for Your Web Store

Does the popularity of Magento mean that it will suit your business? Yes, the platform’s portfolio has companies such as Ford, Coca-Cola, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Still, is it good enough for your web store? From this article, you will learn about reasons to choose Magento and its pros and cons for your business.

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Why choose Magento 2 for your web store?

According to the statistics, Magento stores increased by 15% in 2022, making over 267,000 websites worldwide. What distinguishes it from other analogs is the professional features that enable paid and free customizations for your website. This system also has an intuitive admin interface, so you can easily manage your sales.

On the other hand, this platform requires some additional effort from you. The point is that Magento has a complex architecture, and for customized extensions, you have to hire technically skilled developers. Also, the hosting makes this platform pricey, but with an experienced Magento agency, you won’t notice these challenges.

The main benefits of Magento 2 for your business

Enhanced security

Magento is a safe system that allows you and your customers to freely use its functions without worrying about data. For double security, the platform has CAPTCHA and PCI Data Security.

Advanced customization

​​The platform adapts to business needs with templates and Magento customization services. You can also choose five default payment methods, PayPal and, the design of catalogs, and other features.

Additional extensions support

There are more than 4,100 extensions available on the market, paid and open source. Thanks to them, you can expand the capabilities of your Magento web store, provide a better user experience, accept global payments, or create unique designs.

Magento 2 AI: your e-commerce powerhouse

Boost conversions, slash costs, and gain customer insights with Magento 2 AI tools:

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Integrated with other solutions

You can implement any system such as ERP, CRM, PIM, Social networks, or any analytics tool. With integrated third-party services, data moving will be automated, and your company’s productivity will increase.

Supported by Adobe

Adobe provides a service for the paid Adobe Commerce version. You receive the package of options:

Get updates, extensions, and other capabilities directly from Adobe. They will help with any issues, from integrations to bug resolution. By the way, discover all the advantages of Magento 2.4.6 — the latest version.

Big and proactive community

The Magento community is friendly and open to support and gives answers to your questions. You can also share your experience, find ready-to-go solutions, or get more inspiration. So join the network to start discussing any topics via the forums.

Multi-Store /Multi-language features

Reach a global audience by implementing several languages in your website. With Magento eCommerce development service, you can also get a multi-store feature. It allows for the creation of numerous domains with one installation. You can do it directly using the Magento settings.

B2B features

It’s an integrated module for personalizing your target audience’s prices, catalogs, promotions, and ads. With this B2B feature, you can manage accounts and catalogs, provide advanced analytics, and increase the number of customers.

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To sum up

The Magento system offers a comprehensive solution that includes tools for measuring metrics, logistics, better user experience, and much more. For more additional information about useful features for Magento 2, welcome to our blog post.

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