Benefits of DevOps: How It Can Grow Your E-commerce Business

Alex Kornyk

Alex Kornyk

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Explore the benefits of DevOps for your business and understand why it's a worthwhile investment.

At its core, DevOps services in e-commerce create a synergy between software development and operations. With DevOps, changes to your website – be it adding new features, fixing bugs, or updating content – become smoother and faster. This methodology fosters an environment where deploying updates multiple times a day is the norm, not the exception.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps represents a fusion of practices, tools, and a mindset that brings together software development and IT operations. The main goal of DevOps is to encourage teams to work together, communicate effectively, and use technology to automate processes.

This approach took shape around 2007. It was born from a need to bridge the gap between two traditionally separate worlds: the developers and operation teams. Devs create the software and the Ops team deploys and maintains it. 

The name ‘DevOps’ itself is a blend of ‘development’ and ‘operations’. It symbolizes the union of these two spheres into a unified, ongoing workflow.

Key DevOps practices in e-commerce

The key DevOps practices offer a blend of efficiency, reliability, and speed. Let’s delve into each of them and see how they can transform your online store.

Continuous integration (CI)

This practice involves regularly merging code changes into a central repository. There it undergoes automated builds and tests. For your online store, continuous integration means any new feature or update can be added quickly and efficiently. 

Continuous delivery (CD)

CD takes CI a step further. After the build and test stages, the changes are automatically deployed to a staging or production environment. Continuous delivery ensures your site can roll out improvements with minimal downtime.

Automated testing

Automation is the heart of DevOps. Automated testing means that any changes made to the codebase are tested for bugs and errors. This translates to a more reliable and stable shopping experience for your customers.

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

This practice involves managing and provisioning computing infrastructure through code, rather than manual processes. Infrastructure as code ensures consistency in the environment where your website operates. So, it reduces the chances of errors or downtime.

Faster deployment

DevOps changes the game in software deployment, making it faster and more efficient. Unlike the old way where one team waits for another to finish their part (like a relay race), DevOps works more smoothly. It’s like all parts of a team working together perfectly. 

With DevOps methods:

DevOps for enhancing collaboration

DevOps helps teams work together better. It could be an important factor for many businesses. 

In a typical online store, different teams like development, operations, and customer service often work separately. This separation can lead to misunderstandings and goals not lining up.

But DevOps brings in ways to improve communication and teamwork:

Moreover, tools and technologies used in DevOps provide valuable data that all teams can use to make informed decisions. Marketing can understand user behavior better, while developers get real-time feedback on performance. This leads to a more cohesive strategy across all departments.

Boost website performance 

One of the key DevOps benefits for business is that it enhances your website’s performance. It is vital in the digital age we live in. Portent’s research indicates that sites with a load time of 2 seconds experience a conversion rate of 3.05%. If the load time increases to 4 seconds, the conversion rate decreases significantly to 0.67%.

Here’s what DevOps brings to the table:

For an eCommerce business, this means:

You can check our comprehensive guide to Magento performance optimization for more insights.

Personalize and enhance customer experience

Among the business benefits of DevOps is that it also lets you manage your website more effectively and personally. This is important for creating a shopping experience that fits what each customer wants. Here’s how:

For example:

Suppose, you notice that your customers are interested in eco-friendly products. DevOps allows you to quickly add new features or sections that highlight these items. This quick response to customer interests can strengthen your relationship with them.

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Strengthen security

In a time when data breaches are common, keeping your site secure is critical. DevOps plays a big role in this:

Learn more about keeping your Magento site secure in our dedicated article.

Build trust through compliance and security

A reliable and secure online store does more than just protect against technical issues; it builds customer trust. Here’s how DevOps aids in this:

Grow your business smoothly

Being able to grow without sacrificing performance or incurring high costs is what scalability is all about. DevOps benefits this in various ways:

Flexible infrastructureIndependent scaling with microservicesAdapting quickly to feedback
Practices like infrastructure as code and cloud-native technologies allow you to adjust your IT resources according to demand. With a microservice architecture, you can scale different parts of your application separately instead of the whole system.A cycle of feedback and improvement means you can adapt to changes. Expand or reduce resources as needed to control costs.

Implement DevOps for business step-by-step

Adopting DevOps can be a game-changer for your business. It can make your operations smoother and more efficient. If you’re not sure how to start, here are some steps and tips to effectively integrate DevOps.

1. Evaluate your current processes

Look at how your development and operations are currently done. Find where delays or problems happen most often. Knowing these areas is crucial to focus your DevOps efforts effectively.

2. Build a team culture

DevOps is about teamwork as much as it’s about technology. Promote open communication and teamwork across all departments. This helps everyone work together towards the success of your product.

3. Partner with experts for outstaffing

Implementing DevOps can be complex. Working with experts can be very helpful. Alva Commerce offers specialized IT outstaffing and support tailored to e-commerce. Our team commits to making this transition as smooth as possible for your business. Our experts support you at every stage of the process and help you organize efficient operations.

4. Select the right tools

The tools you need will depend on your business’s specific needs and current setup. Look for tools that work well with what you already have and support automation and teamwork. Jenkins for CI/CD, Docker for containerization, and Kubernetes for orchestration are commonly used.

5. Begin with a small project

Start your DevOps journey with a small project. This allows your team to get used to DevOps without being overwhelmed.

6. Set up CI/CD pipelines

Implement basic Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. This automates integrating and deploying code changes, which speeds up feedback and improves efficiency.

7. Learn and expand

After you start, keep learning from the experience and apply DevOps to more areas of your business. Continuous improvement is a big part of DevOps.

Incorporating DevOps into your e-commerce operations isn’t just about upgrading your technology; it’s about enhancing your entire business strategy. DevOps methodologies align closely with the main goal of every business: delivering value efficiently and effectively

With the right approach, tools, and support, DevOps can transform your operations. Furthermore, it can pave the way for better efficiency, teamwork, and business growth.

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Why DevOps is essential for your e-commerce growth

In conclusion, throughout this article, we’ve seen how DevOps can significantly benefit your e-commerce business. You can expect the following DevOps benefits for business:

Remember, DevOps is a way of thinking that pushes for ongoing improvement, teamwork, and new ideas. Starting with DevOps is a step towards gaining a competitive edge.

Starting a DevOps journey can feel overwhelming, but Alva Commerce is here to guide you every step of the way. We combine our deep knowledge of e-commerce with our expertise in DevOps. This makes us the perfect partner to help you through this change.

By adopting DevOps, you do more than just update your technology. You set your business up for long-term growth, better customer satisfaction, and a stronger position in the competitive e-commerce world.