4 Magento Frontend Options For Your Webstore

Magento Frontend Options For a Webstore

There are over 26 million eCommerce websites worldwide, so getting noticed isn’t a walk in a park. Even if you attract the customers to your website, it doesn’t mean you keep them since 88% of users don’t return to a website with a bad user experience. If you want users to visit your website and make a purchase, pay attention to the frontend. 

Although the main frontend options for Magento-based stores are only four, how to choose the proper one? Here are short descriptions of each of them.

Most Important eCommerce Frontend Pillars

Magento frontend development is responsible for the first impression of your potential customer. For example, according to the Google Consumer Insights report, 53% of mobile site visitors will give up on a page if it takes more than three seconds to download the content. But, with a high-quality frontend, you won’t lose 53% of your potential customers. You will be able to:

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Magento Frontend Technologies For eCommerce

With Magento web development services, you can implement any theme relatable to your eCommerce business needs.

Default Magento theme

Market theme is suitable for every Magento store, and you can also integrate 3300+ free or paid extensions. By default you can choose between Luma and Blank options. The vital difference is that with the second one, you will be able to create your own design from scratch. The main benefits of the Magento theme from the market are:

Headless — Adobe PWA Studio

With PWA Studio tools, you are able to reach millions of mobile users in addition to those who prefer the desktop version. According to the stats, around 187.5 million users shop online using mobile phones. With PWA the user will be able to add your website as an app to his phone screen and get access to it at any time. The main benefits of Adobe PWA Studio include:

Headless — Vue Storefront

According to the Vue Storefront statistic, it is used by over 1,400 websites. This theme provides a customized solution supporting integrations with over 20 third-party apps. Vue Storefront is a headless storefront template with a dozens benefits, for example:

Hyvä Theme

It’s a compact and convenient storefront used by over 1,600 websites from March 2023. The main difference of Hyvä is that this theme has simpler architecture. As the developers say,
Among the main features, the following points are highlighted:

How to choose the proper frontend option?

The main challenges for all the types of frontend options are to increase the speed of page downloading, improve SEO and provide a better user experience. When choosing one, relate to your industry’s specifics and your target audience preferences. Pay attention to the main metrics:

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To Sum Up

Magento frontend options updates regularly to cover more eCommerce business needs. There is no standard solution that fits every company. You may be confused about the numerous solutions and types of frontend options. To make the process of choosing easier, define your criterias, learn about four main options, or entrust the project to the Magento agency.