A Full-fledged CRM System From Scratch For EcoPros

EcoPros is a company that provides a range of services related to the selection, development, and installation of solar panel systems. Their team also provides consultations and helps to choose a solar financing program.


Renewable Energy


Poland, North America

Release Year


Marketplace menu for EcoPros from Alva Commerce

The specifics of the business — the solar panel system — didn’t allow EсoPros to use templated CRM solutions. Instead, our client needed a full-fledged CRM system with custom features tailored to the current business demands.

After the consultation, the Alva team developed the CRM system from scratch, designed for B2B and B2C purposes. This solution also covers task and quote lists, email and SMS messaging, customers and installer profiles, and over 20 user types with unique permissions. 


2 years



7 people






Magento 2


Flexible constructor for solar panel systems offers

Primarily, it serves as a CRM system for creating, configuring, and selling solar panel systems to leads through a user-friendly constructor.

Flexible constructor for solar panel systems offers - Alva Commerce for EcoPros

Task system for better department communication

Various departments utilize the CRM system to engage with customers, facilitated by a task system that enables employees from different areas to collaborate on specific customer projects by assigning tasks to one another.

Shop for installers created from scratch

A shop offers a wide range of single items for customers requiring individual system components rather than complete systems.

PLP for EcoPros' CRMsystem and customers

Marketplace with already-made offers

Additionally, it features a marketplace with pre-made offers.

Details about solar panels and their distributors in EcoPros marketplace
Example of the offer made in EcoPros CRM system designed by Alva Commerce

Access for third-party companies

Third-party companies with their subdomain names can access the system and become EcoPros partners.

That’s how it works.

Customers who were registered (either through CRM or manual creation) were initially assigned to EcoPros if they accepted their offer or did not make a selection. Then, EcoPros could transfer the customer to an installer for further engagement.

ecoManager for EcoPros business partners

Technical stack


Magento 2


Magento PWA Studio on React.js




Integrations for CRM system of EcoPros

Analytics & Stats

Analytics and Stats for EcoPros

Key Results

client pain


installers cooperating from all over Poland

client pain


new registered customers each day

client pain


partnerships with top companies in the solar panel systems industry

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