UX/UI And Backend Enhancement For Dermacare Direct Online Store

Since 2009, Dermacare has offered professional, personalized skincare advice and a wide range of advanced skincare products to obtain and maintain optimal skin health at home.

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Redesign Release year


Dermacare Direct Home page desktop version

With over 25 years in the medical skincare field, Andrea, a founder of Dermacare Direct, has a clear vision: to offer personalized advice and advanced products for everyone to use at home. 

They’ve already had a web store on Magento 2 but wanted to make it more responsive and user-friendly. So, our team has improved the platform, so customers can easily access professional guidance and high-quality skincare.


6 months



7 people






Magento 2


Hyvä Migration: Where Beauty Meets Brilliance

Dermacare Direct took a big step forward by moving from the custom React.JS storefront to Hyvä. Why? For starters, they wanted a website that looks better and works smoother. It was about making shopping easier and fixing any glitches that popped up during checkout. 

Their goal was a faster website performance, better SEO, and more reliable stock updates

Alva Commerce aimed to strike a balance between visual appeal and functionality. Our team focused on a seamless experience for both Dermacare Direct and its customers.

Smooth and Responsive Across All Devices

For Dermacare Direct, we rolled out a new storefront that hits all the right notes in modern design. Our team worked closely with customer feedback to build a design system that’s fresh and fully responsive. This means whether customers are browsing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, their experience is smooth and engaging

We ensured that every interaction was easy and enjoyable, no matter the device. Dermacare’s new look is about making your journey to great skin care as pleasant as the products themselves.

Dynamic Homepage

At Dermacare Direct, user experience was the main priority. Our team dove into the user journey, streamlined navigation, and fine-tuned the layout for an effortless shopping experience. 

We also put smart limits on web crawlers. This means keeping the site’s content sharp and relevant while blocking unnecessary areas from being crawled. As a result, we achieved a faster site that’s a breeze for customers to use, enhancing both performance and satisfaction.

Product Listing Page before and after

PLP before Hyva migration PLP after Hyva migration

Simplified Content Management, Improved Engagement

We also simplified managing online content for Dermacare Direct. The goal was simplicity and flexibility, making sure Dermacare Direct could keep its site fresh and engaging with minimal effort.

Our team developed customizable widgets for every piece of content. Everything from CMS pages to product widgets can be updated directly from the admin panel. This means selecting products and tweaking texts, images, and links, without the need for complex coding.

Main Blog Page before and after

Technical stack


Magento 2


Hyvä Theme




Integrations for the Dermacare Direct online store

Key Results

client pain

The number of orders increased by 10% 

compared to the corresponding month of the previous year

client pain

The average order amount increased by 5%

in the first month after the Hyvä storefront deployment

client pain

The number of customer complaints decreased by 10%

related to issues with ordering

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