About US.

We’re a creative agency located in Ukraine and Slovakia.

Our Mission.

Big e-commerce stores were always in a need of enormous resources for development a decent and reliable website. That forced most of small businesses out of the game, having no chances for competition.
We believe that every entrepreneur should have a way to easily set up an online store without any trouble. Each business deserves an equal chance to get into the market, because an idea is what’s important.

Our Story

ALVA Commerce was founded as eCommerce focused development company. We see our purpose to help entrepreneurs to start their online business, to build reliable and stable stores. We strive to stay in touch with our merchants to assure fast and efficient support of the product.

Reasons to choose us

We are experts in e-commerce Magento based solutions, with a decade of experience in developing and maintaining digital products, providing you with an excellent eCommerce tools for your business. We have a team of experienced professionals, engineers to assure we fulfill your expectations.

Our focus on all phases of application development life cycle, from planning and design to implementation and maintaining, makes us a first-class partner for digital tools within B2B and B2C.

Web Development

Our team of developers, designers, and managers have a decade of experience in developing and maintaining digital products.


We got experienced designers to create unique identity for your business ideas!


Any entrepreneur might need an advice to find a bottleneck, to figure out the next step. And we are ready to help with that!

Brand & Identity

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Having a trouble in selling your product? Surely we can take care of that.

Premium Support

We strive to stay in touch with our customers, to reply instantly, to react rapidly in order to assure the best quality service that you deserve.