A Client-Oriented Magento 2 Website For Same Day Frame

Same Day Frame started from a garage and grew into a prominent U.S. custom frame manufacturer. To expand online, they sought to transition from their physical store to launching their own digital marketplace, free from third-party constraints.


Manufacturing, Retail


US, Worldwide

Release Year


Screenshot of the Home Page of Alva Commerce client's website

Unique Frames, Unique Experience

Facing stiff competition, Same Day Frame aspired to stand out by creating a distinctive Magento 2 web store. Their ambition was to offer a shopping experience uniquely tailored to each customer, making every visit personal and memorable. 

Alva Commerce embraced this challenge, committed to pioneering a fresh, customer-centric approach in the online retail space.

Crafting Flexibility With a Tailored Store

Imagine a store where everything adjusts to your needs. 

That’s what Same Day Frame achieved with Alva Commerce. We built a web store featuring a blend of small and large tools, all focusing on a client-oriented approach. 

The key here is flexibility, allowing most site features to be adaptable in real time. This innovative design ensures a shopping experience uniquely responsive to each customer’s preferences.


9 months



7 people






Magento 2


Dynamic Homepage

The homepage of Same Day Frame is designed for flexibility and engagement. It’s composed of various widgets, each with a specific role: 

  • displaying main banners
  • highlighting customer reviews
  • featuring product combinations

The standout feature is a backend configurator. This tool allows an admin to effortlessly modify the placement, content, and settings of these widgets, ensuring the homepage remains adaptable and aligned with evolving customer interests.

Product Builder

We developed a unique approach for Same Day Frame. Instead of a standard product catalog, we created a one-stop frame builder. Clients select size, style, and color, all in a seamless, React JS-based process. 

Customers can upload an image, see it in their chosen frame, and fine-tune it with crops and filters. 

This user-friendly interface enhances customer experience, while backend efficiency ensures high-quality production.

Custom Checkout

The standard checkout process just wasn’t cutting it for Same Day Frame. Thus, our team designed a whole new checkout experience. It’s all about making things easier and faster for the customer. Fewer clicks, less hassle.

We focused especially on mobile users by introducing drawer-like tabs for address and payment info that pop up only when needed. 

Plus, it’s all built on React JS. This means not only a smooth experience for the user but also top-notch security and fast backend communication

‘Giving Back’ Program

Same Day Frame isn’t just about selling frames; they’re committed to making a difference, too. A part of every purchase goes to their charity program, a heartfelt initiative by the founders. 

Thus, our team set up an automatic system that calculates and reports these donations. This keeps everything transparent, letting both the business and its customers know exactly how much it is helping others. It’s combining great customer experience with a meaningful impact.

Technical stack


Magento 2


Hyvä Theme,




Integrations for the Magento 2 website

Key Results

client pain


higher conversion rate than on the third-party marketplaces

client pain

Custom Product Builder

instead of a regular catalog

client pain

Custom Checkout approach

instead of the default Magento approach

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